ICVD - the effective transmission
GKN Walterscheid GmbH

ICVD® increases system efficiency

New product in the Transmission segment

In the field of driveline Systems, GKN Land Systems was for the first time presenting the continously variable, hydrostatic ICVD drive with additional, automatic axle disconnection at Agritechnica 2013.

This new Transmission Technology makes it possible to increase the system Efficiency of wheeled loaders and telehandlers, for example, while at the same time reducing tyre wear and energy consumption.

New ICVD® customer service Technical product training for your team

From now on, we will be offering manufacturers of agricultural, construction and forestry machinery a new, free service: we will give your team theoretical and practical training regarding the ICVD® drive system. Our ICVD® training centres on the customer-specific communication of technical product knowledge. We invite you to learn more about the theory of continuously variable hydrostatic travel drives, give you an insight into our practical experience and, on request, also offer you the opportunity to visit our ICVD® production operations. Another focus is the exchange of ideas regarding your specific demands on our drive.

Training is provided at our production facility in Sohland or at the ICVD® development centre in Lohmar, where you will also have the chance to test and drive a wheeled loader equipped with the ICVD®.

Interested? If so, please contact our ICVD® Team service(at)icvd.info

Improving the efficiency of construction, agricultural and forestry machinery

Rising fuel prices and significantly tougher emissions legislation, aimed at globally reducing CO2 emissions, also make it necessary to re-think when designing drive systems for agricultural, forestry and construction machinery. Attention focuses on the substantially more efficient use of energy. In this respect, the ICVD® offers energy-saving potentials that are capable of optimising the energy efficiency of the overall system.

A current review can be found in our ICVD® article on this subject, which can be downloaded here. (PDF, 2.5MB)

ICVD - continuously variable hydrostatic travel drive

GKN Walterscheid has developed a continuously variable hydrostatic travel drive for self-propelled agricultural and construction machinery. With the ICVD® (Integrated Continuously Variable Drive), it is possible to drive through the entire speed range without interrupting the tractive force.

The ICVD® thus represents a symbiosis of previously proven drive concepts and combines their advantages without having to put up with the disadvantages of the existing solutions.

The ICVD® is a continuously variable hydrostatic travel drive consisting of a gearbox, motor and control unit.

The ICVD® offers a large, continuously variable conversion range from "0" to the maximum transport speed, automatic adaptation of the power requirement and simple reversal of travelling direction and torque.